Return to Play Guidance and Protocols

As part of our Hockey Buds and MiNi BUDS return to Play Guidance and Protocols we have implemented new protocols to follow as we continue on with our program through these uncertain times.

We want you to feel safe while having your children participate in our program therefore, these new protocols are implemented in accordance with protocols and public health guidance from the Department of Health and Community Services, Newfoundland and Labrador Ball Hockey Association, Canadian Ball Hockey Association, Sport NL, Northpoint Sports and GameOn Sports.

Before coming to the facility our daily assessment form must be completed in full [by the parent/caregiver who is accompanying their child to their session] and submitted on the day of attending our program. [prior to entering the facility].  If you and/or your child are experiencing any COVID symptoms (answer yes to any questions) please do not attend your on program session.

  • Non-medical masks [that cover your nose and mouth] are mandatory at the Northpoint Sports (age 5+) and when in attendance at our program. Children (age 5+) can remove their masks when their helmet is put on and they are ready to participate. A face shield should not be worn instead of a mask unless there are reasons where a mask cannot be worn.
  • Post to Post – Parents/caregivers/participants please keep a minimum of one hockey net [post to post from other parents/caregivers/participants] while attending our program. We ask that parents/guardians use the triangle method as seen in the  image below to help try maintaining physical distance. The triangle method would be applied by having a parent/guardian near the wall and another by the glass, you should also rotate positions week by week to give every one a chance to be near the glass.
  • Parent/caregiver – only one per child and they must stay on-site during sessions in case your child needs assistance.
  • Hand sanitizer – must be used upon entering and exiting the building. Hand sanitizing stations are placed everywhere in the building.
  • Hockey Buds COVID-19 Daily Assessment Tool – must be completed in full [by the parent/caregiver who is accompanying their child to their session] and submitted on the day of attending our program. [prior to entering the facility] Daily Assessment Tool
  • Wash your hands frequently. [do not touch your face]
  • Obey all signs & floor markers.
  • Obey all staff instructions & direction.
  • If you and/or your child feel unwell, please do not enter the facility.
  • No Food/Beverage – Please avoid bringing any food and beverage products to the facility, only water bottles for the hockey buds participants are allowed.
  • Wearable Equipment – Due to our current situation we will not be providing any wearable equipment. [e.g. – hockey gloves, helmets, etc..] If we have extra hockey sticks on hand, we will provide them if a child has forgotten to take theirs however, we will disinfect the stick prior to/after use.
  • No Handshakes/Celebrations and the end of session group cheer will be done while maintaining physical distance.
  • Our coaches – will be wearing Non-Medical Masks or Face Shields during the program and will have access to sanitizing products and non-powder/non latex gloves [when not wearing hockey gloves] during the program.



  • Entering the Facility – through the main door, right side, follow the markers.  
  • Change/dressing rooms are available with the far two Change/dressing rooms belonging to Rink 1 [next to the office] and the closer two Change/dressing rooms belonging to Rink 2. [near the entrance]  
  • Children should arrive at the facility, as prepared as possible to participate in their activity upon arrival, to reduce time required in the change/dressing room. 
  • Change/dressing rooms should only be used if necessary. We will disinfect the area between sessions. 
  • Session Length – approx. 45 minutes to allow entering and departing the facilities in between sessions thus it is important that you arrive approx. 5 minutes prior to your child’s session.  
  • Playing Surface – We ask that your child does not enter the playing surface until a member of the coaching staff is there. 
  • Exiting the Facility – you will have 5 minutes to leave the facility as the next group has to come in. Exit on the other side of the door.

Please note: group session must leave the premises before another group session can enter. We will have a sign on the entrance door stating what program time is in session thus the proceeding program session time should not enter the facility until they see their timeslot listed on the door. We are kindly asking everyone to cooperate and be respectful in that matter. for tips and other important information about our program.

  • Helmets [with full facial protection] – are to be always worn when on the playing surface including during the story time/coach’s corner sessions.
  • Required Equipment – includes a CSA approved helmet with full face cage, shin pads (soccer or ball hockey are both acceptable), hockey gloves, running shoes suitable for sports activities (e.g. – sneakers), a hockey stick and a water bottle.
  • Water Bottles – we have numerous quick water breaks. Water bottles [should be cleaned/filled at home and not at the facility] will be brought on the playing surface and place on top of the side boards. [Coaches will be there to aid], coaches will assist children when they need/want a drink.
  • Playing Surface Admittance – For safety reasons and due to the focus and attention required in these classes, Parents/Caregivers are not permitted on the playing surface prior, during or after the sessions unless requested by one of our staff/coaches.  ​
  • Labels – all your child’s equipment such as hockey helmets, gloves, sticks, water bottles etc. should be label with your child’s name. We will provide labels for your child’s helmet and water bottle.
  • Lost and Found – we will have a lost and found area set up with any items left behind however if you have their name on their equipment, we will contact you.
  • Pictures – We take pictures during every session and will provide a password to access these pictures once the first ones have been uploaded to our cloud. We also post some of the pictures on our social media outlets.
  • Refund Credit Policy – Please make sure you have read and understood our refund credit policy that has been put in place for our program.
  • Allergy Alert – Please avoid bringing any food products to the facility we have participants with the following allergies [Peanuts, Eggs, Pineapple, Pistachio & Cashews] and we want to make sure everyone is safe and has fun.

Arriving at the Facility

    • Parking Lot Etiquette – please be advised that all vehicles should back into their parking spot to make it easier and safer for you and your child(ren) to leave. We also have further parking located on the side of the building. Please be courteous and leave enough space for other vehicles to safely park.
    • In Session Sign – There will be a sign on the main doors saying program in session with the appropriate time listed, if your group’s time is not listed, we ask that you refrain from entering the facility (until your time is listed).This will help prevent overlapping of groups.
    • Entering the facility – a staff member will be there to greet you and give you directions where to go.
    • Where to go once inside – On the glass above the boards near the main entrance we will have Coloured Arrows [similar to the group colours that your child is in] with the rink number listed above them, this will identify where your child should go. For your first session you will know your child’s group by visiting our website at
      Change/dressing rooms belong to Rink 1 [next to the office] and the closer two Change/dressing rooms belong to Rink 2. [Near the entrance] 
    • Session Begins – Once the program is ready to begin coaches will assign the children places to sit on the floor while trying to maintain physical distance. This will be our introduction period where the children will get to know our coaches and each other. After the introduction period the games, skills and drills will begin.
    • Session Ends – Each session [while trying to maintain physical distance] will end with a story time circle (coaches’ circle for 9 to 11 yr olds only). All children will receive stickers that will be handed out by the coaches [Coaches will be wearing gloves or using hand sanitizer prior to handed out stickers]
    • Leaving the Facility – You will have 5 minutes to leave the facility as the next group has to come in. We are kindly asking everyone to cooperate and be respectful in that matter.