Refund Credit Request Form

Refund Credit Request Form

Review our refund credit policy prior to submitting a refund credit request.

The information below provides you with information regarding our refund credit policy for our program.

What qualifies for a refund credit?


Minimum one (1) week notice prior to the start of the program / league will receive a refund credit.

Start date of the program/league/event – no refund credits will be issued.

Full refund EMT (Email Money Transfer) will be issued if program is cancelled due to lack of membership.

Programs [prior to starting] impacted by COVID-19 that were suspended or cancelled, you will automatically receive a credit on your account. Once that credit has been placed on your account, you can leave the credit for future use. A credit can be applied to any upcoming 6 week Hockey Buds Program and shall retain value or can be applied towards a league/event participation fees.

How do I apply for a refund credit?


If for some reason your child is unable to attend our hockey buds program that they have been registered for, you can contact us prior to the start of the program via Email to where you will then receive a full credit towards a future 6 week Hockey Buds Program of your choice depending on if the above criteria has been met.

A refund credit request must include name of child, Email Address of where the EMT (Email Money Transfer) originated and name of the individual who made the payment. Your credit would remain on file under your account to be used towards a future program / league of your choosing.

What happens to my refund credit if future programs are cancelled?


If you have successfully enrolled in a future program / league and applied your Refund Credit toward enrollment fees and that program is cancelled a minimum of 6 weeks prior to that scheduled program’s / league’s start date, an option of a full refund (issued via EMT (Email Money Transfer)) or Refund Credit would be reapplied to your account. All new registrations would qualify for a Refund Credit Only.

Why do your program offer refund credits instead of an actual refund?


The credit system was put in place to protect both our organizers [whom are volunteers and are protected from paying out of their own pockets as they already give up their time] and our parents. [Parents receive a credit to use later and maintain its value even if a program goes up in costs]The reason that we issue a refund credit is because we are a non-profit program registration with the Newfoundland and Labrador Ball Hockey Association thus, we do not have extra funds once we have expenses incurred and paid for. Items are purchased a minimum of six weeks prior to our scheduled start date of our program and enrollment minimum has been reached. We run a very tight budget which in turn allows for our program to keep our registration fees down. If a refund was issued [which would be against our refund credit policy] it would have to be prorated to subtract expenses incurred and paid for.

Start date of the program – no refund credits will be issued.

What happens if a program in progress has to be suspended or cancelled due to COVID-19?


Make up sessions will be re-schedule once permission has been granted to resume our program by Newfoundland and Labrador Ball Hockey Association, Canadian Ball Hockey Association, Sport NL and by the Department of Health and Community Services.

Will my Refund Credit guarantee me a slot in a future program?


Your refund credit may not guarantee you a spot due to new regulations and requirements under COVID-19 that require us to decrease our enrollment numbers.

Those with a refund credit may receive early notice of registration prior to our registration going public.

We will try our best to provide an opportunity for you to use your credit in a timely fashion.

Will my Refund Credit cover a future program even if registration fees go up?


Your refund credit guarantees you full value for an upcoming program / league of equal length of your original enrollment even if registration costs go up, your credit will cover those costs and no further registration fees would be required.