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Welcome to Hockey Buds

We make ball hockey fun!

Our Hockey Buds program is a six (6) week instruction program for children just being introduced to ball hockey and want to learn the skills of the game.


The Hockey Buds Program was designed for the purpose of developing friendships, team work, interest in the sport of Ball hockey and to promote literacy in a fun way.



Our Program will help your child develop basic ball hockey skills while at the same time teaching listening, following instructions, attention, focus and various motor skills.


Our program is designed for Under 6 [3 to 5 yrs] with an emphasis on fun & games
& Under 9 [6 to 8 yrs olds] & Under 11 [9 to 11 yr olds] with an emphasis on skills through fun exercises.


Our Under 6 Program promotes literacy by ending every session with our circle time where a member of our coaching staff reads excerpts from a hockey theme book.



Due to the weather, all ball hockey/soccer practices are cancelled for Sunday February 18th. A decision regarding the league at 2:00 PM and the 4:00 PM practice will be made at 11:00 AM.
Please check back here at that time.

NL VAXPASS requirement...

...making ball hockey fun!!

As of Friday [October 22, 2021] the NLVaxPass comes into effect as per current provincial Public Health requirements. With the NLVaxPass, our Hockey Buds program along with any/all of our affiliated programs/leagues are required to verify a person’s proof of COVID-19 vaccination for access to a facility, and this includes Northpoint Sports facility.  


In accordance with the provincial Public Health mandate, effective Friday, October 22, 2021, the NLVaxPass will be used at Northpoint Sports facility and participants will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and identification. With the implantation of the NLVaxPass, it may take longer than usual to enter the facility. It is recommended that participants come with the VaxPass and ID ready to allow time for the scanning the process. [We will have multiple staff doing the scanning process to move things along as smooth and quick as possible]


Entrance Scanning Process [Sport, Recreational and Faith-Based Activities for Children and Youth]:


  • >>Staff will greet participants at the entrance.
  • >>Individuals ages 12 to 18 years are not required to provide proof of vaccination where they are participating in the following activities:

    Indoor sports or recreational activities, including those practiced at arenas, indoor gyms and fitness facilities, yoga studios, and dance studios
    Indoor group music, art, dance, and drama activities
    Dedicated children’s religious or faith-based programs (e.g. Sunday School)


Please note: Individuals ages 12 to 18 years are required to provide proof of vaccination when they are spectators of the activities listed above, and in all other settings where proof of vaccination is required.


  • >>Individuals ages 19 years and older are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and photo identification which includes date of birth. For identification, the original version, clear photocopy, digital, photo or screenshot will be accepted. The name on the identification must match the name on proof of vaccination. If it does not, a second piece of identification will be required. For individuals without photo identification, two pieces of non-photo identification that include name with at least one that shows date of birth will be accepted.
  • >>Once NLVAXPass approves an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status, the patron can enter the facility.
  • >>If the NLVAXPass does not approve an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status, the individual will not be permitted to enter the facility.


People who refuse to show proof of vaccination


Will not be permitted to enter the facility. We have the right to refuse service to anyone who is not abiding by the proof of vaccination requirements.